Grassley hopes to save Iowa wind blade plant

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Iowa’s U.S. Sen Chuck Grassley has stepped in to see if he can convince President Biden to help an Iowa wind turbine blade maker that is closing its plant in December and eliminating more than 700 jobs.

Grassley said he will hope to convince Biden to consider having TPI Composites in Newton, Iowa manufacture blades for new off-shore wind farms.

“It’s hurting those families so we’re going to encourage the Biden Administration to build those in Iowa if the government’s got anything to do with it,” Grassley explained, “because we’re the home of wind energy.”

Just last week, the Biden administration announced plans to construct wind farms all along the East and West Coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico. Grassley wants to take advantage of the decision, stating, “I would sure be glad to do that for any business that’s connected with wind energy. As the father of the Wind Energy Tax Credit, I want to keep it going.”

Source: Radio Iowa

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