USD Partners announces increased connectivity at its Stroud terminal at the Cushing hub

Stroud, Oklahoma Crude Oil Terminal


USD Partners LP, a Houston-based company announced an expansion of the downstream connectivity at its Stroud terminal.

The expansion is being pursued by an affiliate of US Development Group, LLC pursuant to its development rights at the terminal, and when completed will add a pipeline connection to a second 300,000 barrel storage tank at a third party facility at the Cushing, Oklahoma, crude oil hub.

The expanded connectivity is expected to facilitate incremental rail-to-pipeline shipments of crude oil to the Cushing Hub by giving the terminal better capability to service multiple customers and/or multiple grades of crude oil simultaneously. The expansion is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

“We are excited about the enhanced connectivity at the Stroud terminal that this additional connection into the Cushing Hub creates,” said Jim Albertson, Senior Vice President, Commercial Development – Canada. “This expansion facilitates greater market access and enhances the Stroud terminal’s ability to increase its customer base and fee generating commitments.”

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The Stroud terminal is located on 76-acres with the ability to unload one unit train per day and includes two 70,000 barrel onsite operational storage tanks and one truck bay. Additionally, the terminal is connected to the Cushing Hub by a 12-inch diameter, 17-mile pipeline today.

“As the only unit train facility connected by pipeline to the Cushing Hub, this additional connectivity enhances the strategic value and competitive advantages of our Stroud destination terminal as a rail-to-pipeline solution for our customers,” said Brad Sanders, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for USD.

Source: Business Wire

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