Oklahoma Corporation Commission Meeting on Thursday

Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners will hold a regular meeting Thursday morning to first consider their daily signing agenda docket followed by the 24-hour signing agenda docket.

They will also receive a briefing and discussion of recent legislation affecting the Commission as presented by Brandy Wreath, Director of the Public Utility Division and Legislative Liaison.

The last topic includes a technical conference for discussion and public comment regarding Cause No. PUD 202000083, In Re: Inquiry of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to Examine Issues Related to Energy and Public Utilities.

The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. in person at the Jim Thorpe Office Building, Room 301 as well as livestreamed and recorded. Remote viewing, participation and registration instructions are available at www.oklahoma.gov/occ, by email request to OccRemoteHearingSupport@occ.ok.gov or by calling 405.521.2211 or 405.521.3848.


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