Baker Hughes expands carbon capture efforts


Baker Hughes announced it has entered into a global exclusive licensing agreement with SRI International to use SRI’s Mixed-Salt Process for CO2 capture.

The deal will expand Baker Hughes’ efforts to treat flue gases from fossil fueled power plants, gas turbines, industrial applications and cement industry. It also followed the company’s acquisition of Compact Carbon Capture announced last fall.

SRI has received support from the U.S. Energy Department’s Office of Fossil Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory in developing its MSP technology.

The advancement of carbon capture technology solutions is widely considered critical to delivering CO2 emissions reductions needed to meet global 2050 climate and net-zero emissions targets. In the energy and industrial sectors, carbon capture is among the most viable decarbonization paths for both retrofitting existing assets and greenfield projects.

The Baker Hughes CCUS portfolio features advanced turbomachinery, solvent-based state-of-the-art capture processes, well construction and management for CO2 storage, and advanced digital monitoring solutions.

Source: press release

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