Oklahoma’s rig numbers dropped while US increased in past week


Baker Hughes Co. reported the nation’s oil and gas rig count increased by 13 to reach 373 in the past week while Oklahoma’s count slipped by one to 17 rigs.

A year ago, Oklahoma had 53 active rigs. Baker Hughes said the U.S. total included an increase of 12 oil drilling rigs to 287 while the number of gas rigs grew by on e to 85. Still, the U.S. count is down 423 from the 796 rigs reported this week one year ago. In the past year, the count showed a loss of 386 oil rigs and 35 gas rigs.

Canada saw an increase of 44 rigs in the past week to reach a total of 161.

Of the U.S. states, Texas still has the highest count which increased by 8 in the past week to 169, far below the 401 reported a year ago.

Colorado’s count grew by two to 8. Louisiana saw an increase of four to 47 rigs. The Red Top Rig Report published by the Independent Oil and Gas Service in Wichita indicated the rig fount in Kansas was unchanged at 13, far below the 33 reported last year at this time.

New Mexico’s numbers grew by one to 70 rigs. North Dakota’s count slipped one to ten. Ohio stayed at four rigs. Pennsylvania’s count dropped by two to 19.

West Virginia added two to reach 11 rigs. Wyoming was unchanged in the past week with a total of four active rigs.

The Ardmore and Arkoma Woodfords in Oklahoma are still without rig activity. Colorado’s DJ Basin numbers grew by two to 7 rigs.

The Haynesville added one to reach 44 rigs. The Marcellus stayed at 30. The Mississippian in Oklahoma and southern Kansas is still without reported drilling activity, according to what Baker Hughes reported.

The Permian Basin added 10 rigs to reach 189, still far below the 403 last year. The Utica stayed at four rigs. The Williston lost one rig to leave 10 rigs in exploration.

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