Pre-pandemic wells reported with Oklahoma regulators


Completion reports on a few wells drilled in Oklahoma months before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic were filed this week with Oklahoma regulators.

Oklahoma City-based Chaparral Energy LLC reported the March 28, 2020 completion of the Fuji 1206 2lmh-19 located at 19 12N 6W or about four miles east of El Reno in Canadian County. The well had production of 380 barrels of oil a day and 2,305 Mcf of natural gas from a drilling depth of 14,800 feet in the Mississippi formation.

Two late 2019 wells in Kingfisher County were reported this week as well. Chisholm Oil and Gas Operating LLC of Tulsa filed a completion report on the Governor Pease 19-07-18 1mh located at 7 19N 7W. The well, located about four miles northwest of Hennesseey had production of 152 barrels of oil a day and 92 Mcf of natural gas from a drilling depth of 12,893 feet in the Mississippi Lime. The well had an August 2019 spud date and completion was made October 4, 2019.

The second Kingfisher County well was drilled by Paloma Operating Co. Inc. based in Houston. The Little Joe 22-16n-7w 4mh, with production of 496 barrels of oil a day and 3,495 Mcf of natural gas was located at 27 16N 7W. The well is located on the immediate south side of the city of Kingfisher and had a July 2019 spud date. Completion was made October 12, 2019 at a drilling depth of 13,364 feet in the Mississippi Lime formation.

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