Energy news in brief

** Residents and environmental groups in Wisconsin have submitted petitions with more than 1,100 signatures asking an electric cooperative to drop plans for a new natural gas plant near La Crosse.

**  In Missouri, a court has ruled a St. Louis natural gas company wrongly collected $4 million in unjustified surcharges from customers tied to pipeline replacement efforts.

** All but nine of California’s Congressional members received campaign contributions from Pacific Gas and Electric and continued to receive the money following 109 wildfire deaths. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is donating $26,000 of PGE political donations to charity.

** In Colorado, oil and gas regulators are set to write new rules requiring companies to test, map, and remove some of their underground pipelines, and decide on making maps of underground pipelines public.

** What Sen. Bernie Sanders said about oil and gas companies in the Wednesday night debate of Democratic Presidential candidates. “What we have got to do tonight, and I will do as president, is to tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of this planet,” Sanders said. “And by the way, the fossil fuel industry is probably criminally liable because they have lied and lied and lied when they had the evidence that their carbon products were destroying the planet, and maybe we should think about prosecuting them as well.”


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