They’re still bashing Scott Pruitt on Capitol Hill

Scott Pruitt’s been gone eight months as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and some on Capitol Hill are still taking his name in vain.

The latest example was reported by POLITICO’s Morning Energy report and quoted an Iowa U.S. Senator.

GRASSLEY HAMMERS ‘FIRED PRUITT’ OVER SMALL REFINER EXEMPTIONS: Sen. Chuck Grassley lacerated former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt for changing how the agency handled exemptions to the Renewable Fuel Standard. According to a report from Reuters, EPA made it easier for individual refineries, even those owned by highly profitable oil companies, to get out of complying with the program by widening the definition of economic hardship. EPA told Reuters it had made no changes. For Grassley, it was an “I told you so” moment.

“Surprise surprise news reports confirm what we said all along abt fired Pruitt was true,” Grassley tweeted Thursday night. “He said 1 thing&did another/EPA changed RFS waivers so BIG OIL got ridiculous hardship exemptions even tho they make billions $$$ EPA shld kno @realDonaldTrump supprts ethanol &act accordingly”

Pruitt resigned in July of 2018 amidst an ethics scandal. He held the post since February of 2017.

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