SEC filing shows sale of shares by Chesapeake Energy executives

Sales of company shares by management at Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy were reported this week in a company filing with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.

CEO Robert D. Lawler disposed of 97,200 shares valued at $2.97 each leaving him with 5,181,132 shares in the company.

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Domenic Jr. Dell’Osso Jr. sold 27,126 shares valued at the same price of $2.97 each. He still owns 2,031,191 shares in Chesapeake.

Three other corporate officers reported sales of shares valued at $2.97 each. Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer William M. Buergler sold 1,353 shares but still owns 417,654 shares in the company.

Frank J. Patterson who is the Executive Vice President of Exploration and Production sold 27,126 shares and still owns 1,393,199 shares.

The company’s Executive Vice President of Operations, M. Jason Pigott reported the sale of 22,605 shares and still owns 1,488,756 shares in Chesapeake Energy.

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