EPA’s Inspector General to continue travel probe of Scott Pruitt

Just because Scott Pruitt is no longer the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t mean he’s clear of those ethics allegations that led to his resignation months ago.

The Office of Inspector General, the EPA’s watchdog plans to continue its audit next year of Pruitt’s travel to and from Oklahoma where he once was Attorney General before getting the appointment by President Trump.

The OIG’s annual plan for fiscal 2019 had one item just for the probe.

Under the Congressional Request Audit concerning the EPA’s adherence to policies, procedures and oversight controls pertaining to the Administrators Travel, the budget stated:

“To address three requests pertaining to concerns about
Administrator Scott Pruitt’s travel—primarily his frequent travel to and from his home state of Oklahoma at the taxpayers’ expense. Fourth Quarter 2018.”

The matter is under the OIG’s Forensic Directorate which is responsible for conducting audits of EPA assistance agreements and contracts to identify potentially fraudulent actions.


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