Small quake hits Southwest Kansas

The string of weak earthquakes in Oklahoma and Kansas moved to southwest Kansas on Tuesday.

A 2.8 magnitude quake was recorded at 9:55 a.m. near the community of Kingsdown, Kansas along highway US 54. The community is west of the town of Bucklin and about 22 miles southeast of Dodge City.

The U.S. Geological Survey indicated the epicenter was about 3 miles deep.

Many of the weaker quakes recorded in the past several months in Oklahoma and southern Kansas were linked to wastewater injection well activities.

Event type:                       Earthquake
Region:                           Kansas
Geographic coordinates:           37.479N,  99.799W
Magnitude:                        2.8
Depth:                            5 km
Universal Time (UTC):             30 Oct 2018  14:55:23
Time near the Epicenter:          30 Oct 2018  09:55:23
Local standard time in your area: 30 Oct 2018  08:55:23

Location with respect to nearby cities:
6.3 km (3.9 mi) SW of Kingsdown, Kansas
36.0 km (22.3 mi)  of Dodge City, Kansas
109.3 km (67.8 mi) ESE of Garden City, Kansas
110.6 km (68.6 mi) ENE of Liberal, Kansas
302.7 km (187.7 mi) NW of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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