8-year highway and bridge improvement plan okayed by Transportation Commission

An 8-year highway and bridge construction plan totaling $6.5 billion was approved this week by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission.

The plan includes construction of 1,386 projects in the coming eight years. The projects include 686 highway bridge replacements as well as major rehabilitation projects.

The improvements include repaving and repairs to 152 miles of interstate highway as well as $400 million in projects on urban highway  congestion. At least 720 miles of shoulders and highways will be improved on state highways.

Mike Patterson, executive director of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation told the commission he anticipates the backlog of bridge repairs and replacement could be eliminated in two years. But he also explained the state will need to continue to spend $450 million a year on keeping the bridges in good shape.

The 8-year list of highway projects can be viewed at www.odot.org and clicking on ODOT Publications.

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