DOT Wants to Hear from Oklahomans About 4-Year Highway Plan

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has launched an effort to hear from Oklahomans about the department’s transportation priorities in the next four years.

The Transportation Improvement Program covers the federal fiscal years 2018 through 2021.

The STIP is a planning document required by federal guidelines to detail a list of regionally significant construction projects anticipated for the next four federal fiscal years. It’s part of a much longer plan of improvements covering the Eight-year Construction Work Plan. But the STIP covers the first four years and federally-funded projects by the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments representing the Oklahoma City area, the Tulsa area’s Indian Nations Council of Governments, the Lawton Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Frontier Metropolitan Planning Organization in the fort smith, Arkansas area.

The full proposed FFY 2018-2021 STIP can be viewed online at by clicking the Programs and Projects tab and then clicking Transportation Programs.




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