City of Mustang Forced to Approve Well Drilling in City Limits

Despite concerns of some residents, the Mustang City Council could not deny a request by Citizen Energy to drill two wells in the city limits.

As the Mustang Times reported, the council approved conditional use permits for wells near SW 59 and Frisco Road.

“State law dictates city councils cannot deny them the ability to drill,” said Mayor Jay Adams in addressing a recent council meeting. “Believe me, we’re not any happier about this than you are.”

But the city of Mustang was able to put certain restrictions on the drilling because of a 2015 law signed by Gov. Mary Fallin. Senate Bill 809 confirmed the State Corporation Commission as the main regulator and removed the ability of municipalities from stopping drilling or fracking within their own limits.

In Mustang’s case, the city stipulated that trucks and other vehicles going to and from the state had to travel along state highways and could only access the site from Frisco Road.

The energy firm, based in Tulsa, will be forced to install a barrier to reduce drilling sounds. Further, the company will have to restore roads to their original condition after the project is completed.

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