Rig Count: Oklahoma Down Two, Texas Gains Three But U.S. Remains Flat

Canada led the way in North America last week with the addition of 16 new rigs while the U.S. rig count was flat, according to the Baker Hughes rig count released on Friday.

With 16 additional rigs, Canada now has a total of 191, including 96 rigs when compared with data from a year ago.

The U.S. count is now at 952 active rigs. Overall, the U.S. is up 505 rigs from last year’s figures.

Oklahoma’s rig count dropped by two for a total of 134 rigs, up by 75 from last year’s count of 59.

The Red Top Rig Count for Kansas revealed the state added five rigs in the past week to reach a total of 38.

The Baker-Hughes report showed Texas added three rigs last week, bringing the cumulative number of active rigs to 466. The Lone Star State is up 202 rigs since last year’s count of 264.

Louisiana lost two rigs last week for a total of 67. Colorado gained one new rig, rising to 37 active rigs. North Dakota also gained one rig for a count of 53.

The Permian basin saw the largest growth, adding four rigs for a current total of 373. This area has gained 213 rigs compared to last year’s rig count of 160.

The DJ-Niobrara play was up by two rigs while the Williston area gained one new rig.

The Eagle Ford and Cana-Woodford play areas each lost four rigs last week.


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