Oil and Gas Activity in STACK and SCOOP Grows

Oil and gas exploration isn’t letting up in Oklahoma’s STACK and SCOOP based on the latest permits for drilling as published by OK Energy Today.

Four requests for Blaine county, one of the three counties making up the STACK were approved by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Three of the four went to Overflow Energy LLC, a Booker, Texas company. One site, 02 15N 13W is located about 8 miles southwest of Watonga. Another, 31 16N 13W is about a mile northeast of the community of Fay. The third permit is for a well, 36 15N 13W, to be drilled at a site 8 miles west of Greenfield.

The fourth permit went to Devon Energy and is located at 03 16N 12W or about 3 miles northwest of Watonga.

Two SCOOP permits were issued. The Bergin site, 36 10N 7W is located 2 miles southeast of Minco and will be drilled by Gaedeke Oil and Gas Operating LLC, a company based in Dallas.

The Eisenhour site, 24 8N 5W was permitted to Newfield Exploration and is located west of Blanchard.

But there’s growing interest in western Oklahoma where three permits were issued to Fourpoint Energy LLC, a firm based in Denver, Colorado but with field offices in western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. All three are near Arnett in Ellis County. The Mitchell, 07 18N 25W is southwest of Arnett. The Collar, 27 20N 23W is northeast of the city and Mitchell, 07 18N 25W is southwest of the town.


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