Oil and Gas Companies Find Themselves Back in State Court Over Pawnee Earthquake

The effort by James Adams of Pawnee to sue oil and gas companies he blames for last fall’s 5.8 magnitude earthquake is back in Pawnee county District Court.

It was April 12 when a Tulsa federal judge ruled the case should be remanded back to district court and late last month, that’s where Adams and his attorneys landed. They refiled their lawsuit against Eagle Road Oil of Tulsa and Cummings Oil Company of Oklahoma City. And once again, the case is before district judge Patrick M. Pickerill. The lawsuit was originally filed in November 2016.

U.S. District judge Claire V. Eagan made the ruling on April 12 and on the 18th, attorneys for Adams filed a notification.

The last filing in the case was on April 20. Adams is still wanting his to be a class-action lawsuit. Now Judge Pickerill will decide.

In the original suit (CJ-2016-78), Adams contended, “By disposing of fracking wastewater deep into the earth, Defendants introduced contaminants into the natural environment that caused an adverse change to it in the form of unnatural seismic activity. In other words, due to defendants’ pollution of the environment they caused the man-made earthquakes at issue in this case.”

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