SCOOP Produces Massive Gas Well

It wasn’t just the nearly 900 barrels of oil equivalent a day that came out of a Grady county well that no doubt got the attention of the developers. It was the nearly 16,000 Mcf of natural gas being produced on a daily basis.

The Lynda well in the SE Cana Field of the SCOOP was brought in by Ward Petroleum of Oklahoma City. Its daily oil production is listed at 861 barrels daily while the gas production was an astounding 15,966 Mcf according to a completion report revealed at OK Energy Today.

Located at 26 5N 6W or about two miles south of the town of Alex, the well had a spud date of October 22, 2016 and drilling was finished Jan. 10, 2017 with completion made on March 15, 2017. Its true vertical depth was reported at 22,443 feet.

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