NextEra Considers Closing of Inefficient Power Plants While Expanding in Oklahoma and Elsewhere

NextEra, the Florida-based energy company with wind farms in western Oklahoma is hinting that its wind, solar and natural gas operations are doing so well economically, the company might shut down some of its inefficient power plants.

John Ketchum, NextEra’s chief financial officer said the shutdown might include nuclear, oil and natural gas operations. He said many of the natural gas, nuclear and oil units are not operating at capacity while the company’s focus has been on wind and solar.

NextEra owns and operates more than 21,000 megawatts of generation. More than 16,500 MW comes from wind and solar and the company is looking to add more, including its plans for expanded wind farms around Hinton, Oklahoma—-if it wins legal fights for the operations. As OK Energy Today reported last week, NextEra is not only involved in a lawsuit with the city of Hinton, it’s fighting a suit by an environmental group near Hinton where it would like to locate wind farms in Caddo and Canadian counties.


“We continue to believe we are well-positioned to capitalize on one of the best environments for renewable development in recent history,” said Ketchum during NextEra’s first-quarter earnings conference call with analysts.


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