State House Approves Bill Wiping Out Tax Credits for Wind Industry


If the vote in the Oklahoma House of Representatives is any indication, the wind industry knows the time is near. The House on Thursday passed HB 2298, the measure cutting tax credits for the operators of wind farms that cover the western half of the state.  It was a vote of 74 to 24.

“It’s got to be about what’s best for our state and continuing something that’s unsustainable is not good for our state, especially in these tough economic times,” argued Rep. David Brumbaugh, R-Broken Arrow. “The issue here is not whether we made commitments or not, we did and we followed through on those commitments. It’s whether this type of tax credit is sustainable.”

Rep. Scott Inman, the House Minority leader from Del City argued it would send a bad message to other businesses looking to invest in Oklahoma.

“I want the state to grow and you don’t grow by breaking promise after promise to the people who want to make this state a better place,” stated Inman. “Looking at the business industry, not just the wind industry, but every business industry in this country, understand, in Oklahoma, those suits and ties in the legislature, if they make a promise to you, there’s no guarantee they’re going to keep it.”

He called HB2298 “bad business” but the majority in the House felt otherwise.

Listen to some of Rep. Inman’s debate against the measure.


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