PSO of Oklahoma Receives State Regulatory Approval to Lower Wind Power Price


Public Service Company of Oklahoma is lowering the cost for customers who elect to participate in its WindChoice program, according to a company press release.

PSO proposed modifications to its existing Green Energy Tariff in a July 29 filing with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. The purpose of the modification was to reduce the cost for customers who participate in the voluntary program by as much as 76 percent beginning in January of 2017. The commission approved PSO’s filing on Thursday.

“WindChoice is an important option for customers — particularly those who are environmentally conscious or desire to support renewable energy in Oklahoma,” said Scott Ritz, PSO director of customer services and marketing. “Simplifying the tariff’s structure will allow customers to receive the renewable benefit from PSO’s wind resources at a much lower rate than before, which should make the program even more attractive to customers.”

In 2011, the electric utility began offering WindChoice to allow customers to designate a specific amount of their energy requirement to come from wind. Under the newly revised WindChoice tariff, subscribers will benefit from a much lower rate and will also be able to choose the exact percentage of their electricity that comes from PSO’s Oklahoma-based renewable wind energy resources.

Approximately 1,000 customers are enrolled in the program, with residential customers accounting for 99 percent of the subscribers.


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