Inhofe Says Change is Needed at EPA and It’s Not an Attack on the Environment


Oklahoma U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe says it is time for change at the Environmental Protection Agency and the call for change is not an attack on the environment but a conscious decision to move away from the unlawful means used by the Obama administration to implement policies rejected by Congress and the American people.

Writing Wednesday in the Washington Examiner, the GOP Senator who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee said over the past seven years the country has suffered what he called a “rogue agency distracted from its core functions.” Inhofe said the result has been regulatory uncertainty in the form of federal mandates crafted by unelected bureaucrats, a result that has crippled economic growth and opportunity.

Senator Inhofe maintained the nation’s air is cleaner today than it has ever been, thanks to cutting-edge technologies in the energy development industry.

Said the Senator in the Examiner Article: “The EPA under the Obama administration has failed to give innovators and job creators a seat at the table when developing regulations. Obama’s EPA has also excluded states – the entities most impacted by regulations – instead expanding federal authority into areas beyond the limitations Congress has put into place. And yet big-pocket activist donors were invited in through the back door to help draft legally questionable mandates, while EPA was also asking Congress for more taxpayer money to hire lawyers in preparation to defend these regulations in court.

When the American people voted for President-elect Donald J. Trump, they made it clear that enough is enough.”



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