Anti-Smart Meter Rally Scheduled for Friday in Tulsa


Those opponents of the smart meters installed by PSO in Tulsa are planning another rally against the efforts of the utility.

Members of Tulsa 9.12 will hold a “Keep Our Analog Meter” rally Friday afternoon in front of the PSO headquarters at 212 E. 6th street in Tulsa.

In announcing the rally time and date, Jeanene Wooster, chairwoman of Tulsa 9.12 was again critical of the smart meters adapted by PSO.

“The ten-year-old obsolete AMR meters PSO has chosen as an alternate should be sent for re-furbishing by a meter manufacturer in a controlled environment before being re-deployed into the field,” she wrote in her emailed announcement.

She speculated that a Virginia law suit against smart meters might assist opponents of the meters in Oklahoma.