State’s Gasoline Average Price Higher than National Average

Oklahoma now has a higher average gasoline price than the nation, according to The gasoline price watchdog shows Oklahoma’s average price for gasoline is now $2.99 compared to the national average of $2.98 a gallon.

One week ago, the state average was $2.97 while the national average was $3.05. A month ago, Oklahomans paid an average $3.14 a gallon while the nation paid $3.33. reports Oklahoma City’s average is $2.99 a gallon, same as a week ago and 15-cents a gallon cheaper than a month ago when the city average was $3.14 a gallon. But several service stations are pumping gasoline as low as $2.54 a gallon and most of those are in the southside of the city.

In Tulsa, the average is $2.96 a gallon, five cents more a gallon than a week ago. A month ago, Tulsa’s average was $3.05 a gallon. The lowest prices found in Tulsa were $2.69 a gallon.


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