Another look by regulators at Oklahoma towing rates


The Oklahoma Corporation Commission isn’t finished with the issue of increased towing rates that took effect June 1.

The three commissioners, who recently voted to increase the rates, will review some related issues in their meeting on Tuesday.

As the agenda showed for the 1:30 p.m. meeting, the commmissioners plan to examine and evaluate the non-consensual tow rate case process and determine the necessity of rule changes.

The rate increases were the result of inflation and were requested by the Commission’s transportation division, AAAA Wrecker Service,Inc. and the State Attorney General.

Below is the agenda:

A. Call to order
B. Announcement concerning public notice

C. Determination of quorum

II Consideration of proposed or potential orders in cases on attached 24-hour signing agenda docket. The Commission may discuss and consider alterations, revisions, or amendments to the proposed or potential orders. (Votes may be taken on individual cases on the 24-hour signing agenda docket as a whole, or both by ndividual cases and the remaining docket.)

III Possible public comment, discussion and consideration of issues presented and comments received in Case No. GD2024-000002, In re: Inquiry of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to Examine and Evaluate the Non-Consensual Tow Rate Case Process, Determine Necessity of Rule Changes, Data Collection, and Regulatory Requirements for Future Rate Adjustments

IV New business

A. Any matter not known about and which could not have been reasonably foreseen 24 hours before the meeting

B. Possible vote(s) on matters of new business

V Adjournment