Brian Bingman lost only one of Oklahoma’s 77 counties in Tuesday’s primary


When former state Senator Brian Bingman won this week’s primary election race for the Republican nomination for Oklahoma Corporation Commission, he did so by capturing every county in the state but one.

Bingman failed to make it a statewide sweep of every county after Justin Hornback won Jefferson County where voters in the county seat of Waurika and neighboring rural areas supported him over Bingman and the third GOP hopeful, Russell Ray. Hornback received 184 votes while Bingman was a close second with 175 votes or 42.17%. Fifty-six voters sided with Ray who received 13.49% of the total votes in the county that sits next to the Red River.

Among  Bingman’s biggest wins were Oklahoma County where he received 15,657 votes compared to 6,486 for Hornback and 4,862 for Ray. Tulsa county results showed 14,419 for Bingman, 5,885 for Ray and 5,414 for Hornback. Creek County was another big win for Bingman where he received 2,228 votes while Hornback got 511 votes and Ray 485.