Oklahoma regulators to consider ONG’s rate hike request

Oklahomans in disbelief over high Oklahoma Natural Gas bills


A request for a rate hike by Oklahoma Natural Gas will be reviewed by Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners on Thursday and if approved will result in an increase of $2.46 a month for an average residential customer.

The $26,296,719 base rate increase is part of ONG’s Performance Based Rate Change Plan submitted earlier this year. In their 1:30 p.m. meeting, regulators will review the recommended stipulation from the Commission’s Public Utility Division, ONG and the State Attorney General.

The original request, filed as PUD2023-000012, was for $27,635,039 but was lowered $1.3 million as part of the settlement.

Some consumers aren’t happy and wrote their discontent in comments to the commission.

.”Are you kidding me!” exclaimed one Oklahoma City customer. This is NOT the time for rate increases when families are already being financially pummeled on so many fronts and many are on fixed incomes (we are one of them).”
Another from Skiatook wrote, “In light of the approval of last year’s request by ONG to recover costs for the Winter of 2022, can I please ask when the ONG gravy train ends? When does ONG get forced to be accountable like any other business to properly manage and budget itself and it’s operations?”
Still another Oklahoma City customer complained, “It’s time for the OCC to say no to any ONG rate increase. It is also time for the OCC to review ONG’s books, purchase contracts and kickbacks.”
A Claremore customer wanted the Commission to hold ONG “accountable for their bad business decisions.”