OKC to carry out EPA inspection of 8,500 water lines


The Oklahoma City Utilities Department has launched a pilot study to inspect and inventory 8,500 public and private water service lines.

The initiative is being carried out in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) requirement for all water systems to create an inventory identifying service lines by material type.

The pilot study aims to verify a desktop study City engineers conducted to confirm service line materials. Service locations in the pilot study were selected based on the age and type of materials commonly used to construct service lines between 1945 and the early 1980s.

Customers included in this initiative will receive a postcard in the mail notifying them that the City’s inspection contractor will be in their area soon.

Inspections began in late June documenting both City-owned (public) and homeowner-owned (private) service lines. Per EPA guidelines, results will be published on the City’s website by October 16, 2024. The City will notify customers with lines identified as lead or with galvanized lines that transported water that had already flowed through a lead service line.

Should you be notified, be assured, that Oklahoma City’s drinking water meets all federal and state safe drinking water standards. Additionally, as part of its treatment process, the City takes steps to reduce the potential for material in lead and galvanized lines from leaching into drinking water.

Source: press release