Pipeline Explosion Near Galveston Causes Fire

A pipeline owned by INEOS Oligomers in Brazoria County exploded on Thursday afternoon near Galveston, causing a huge fire at a private oil field, according to a news report by KHOU 11. The explosion near the Galveston County line was reportedly felt by residents near Chocolate Bayou. 

The pipeline owner, a global petrochemicals manufacturer, told the news station that the fire began at a valve site. While it’s unknown what caused the pipeline to break, INEOS said ethylene and propylene were burning. It took about four hours for the flammable gasses to burn out, according to KHOU. INEOS has reportedly contracted with a private company to monitor air quality in the area. 

Multiple first responders were called to the scene to investigate, including the Alvin Volunteer Fire Department and the Brazoria County Fire Marshal’s Office. No injuries have been reported. 

Earlier in the day, Brazoria County residents received an area-wide alert of a gas leak in and near the Lakes of Savannah community. “This alert was in error and there is NO gas leak reported in Brazoria County,” the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook. It’s unclear if the incidents are related.