Oklahoma City drinking water meets government standards

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Good news for customers and residents served by the Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust. The City’s drinking water meets or surpasses all federal and state standards for quality and safety.

The City’s annual Drinking Water Quality Report, known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), shows that water tested during 2022 met the requirements from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ).

“Our employees are very proud of the quality drinking water we provide to our customers,” said Utilities Director Chris Browning. “Water is an essential resource to our public health and safety, economic prosperity, and general quality of life. As a measuring tool, the Drinking Water Quality Report helps to demonstrate how we continue meeting the high standards established by the EPA.”

The CCR includes information about 24 contaminants regulated by the EPA, including biological matter and minerals originating in the ground and naturally transferred to raw water sources, along with disinfectants and additives used to make water safe to drink.

Utilities Water Quality staff continuously monitor Oklahoma City’s water at its two treatment plants and conduct water quality tests at over 240 state-approved locations throughout the City’s water distribution system. Testing at remote locations ensures continuity of service and helps identify potential issues.

“Through continuous testing and monitoring, we can ensure delivery of safe water to our customers 24/7,” said Utilities Regulatory Compliance Manager Leigh Ann Kitsmiller. “Maintaining a high level of quality for customers is something we take very seriously and have great pride in doing.”

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The Safe Drinking Water Act requires that all public water utilities generate a Consumer Confidence Report and make it publicly available. Oklahoma City’s CCR is available online at OKC.gov/ccr. A select number of hard copies are available at Oklahoma City libraries, or by calling Utilities Customer Service at (405) 297-2833.

The Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust provides drinking water to residential and business customers in 13 communities within Central Oklahoma. For more information, visit okc.gov/utilities.

Source: OKC release