Devon Energy plans six well project in Canadian County

Investors slow to embrace 'new Devon'


Devon Energy has a big drilling project involving six wells on a single pad at a site about 6 miles north of Calumet in Canadian County.

The company received permits to drill for six Loretta wells to be drilled at 16 14N 9W.

Devon plans on each well having a measured total depth of about 24,000 feet while the true vertical depth will be in the 10,000 to 11,000 foot range.

The planned wells are the LORETTA 16_21_28-14N-9W #6HXX, the LORETTA 16_21_28-14N-9W #5HXX, the LORETTA 16_21_28-14N-9W #4HXX, the LORETTA 16_21_28-14N-9W #3HXX, the LORETTA 16_21_28-14N-9W #2HXX, and the LORETTA 16_21_28-14N-9W #2HXX.

Canvas Energy LLC has a 3-well, single project planned for Kingfisher County. The 3 Princess Peach wells will be drilled at a pad about 3 miles northwest of the town of Cashion.

A completion report on a Kingfisher County well completed in December 2022 was filed this week by Hinkle Oil & Gas Inc. The Lincoln Southeast Oswego Unit 93-8ho, spud in November 2022 and located at 30 17N 5W, produced 715 barrels of oil a day and 467 Mcf of natural gas.

Hinkle also completed the Lincoln Southeast Oswego Unit 51-3ho, located at 17 17N 5W, a well that had production of 200 barrels of oil a day and 186 Mcf of natural gas. Completion was made in December 2022.

Mewbourne Oil Company reported completion of another Dewey County well, getting production of 110 barrels of oil a day and 1,433 Mcf of natural gas at the Harry Butler 7/12 Pb 1hs well, located at 8 17N 16W. Completion was made in January of this year.

An Ellis County well, drilled by Duncan Oil Properties, produced 513 barrels of oil a day and 2,294 Mcf of natural gas. The Jjb 1-29hx, located at 32 19N 25W, was completed in February 2023.

Another Ellis County well was completed by Valpoint Operating LLC in January 2023. The Terry 14-11 2h, located at 23 18N 23W, produced 596 barrels of oil a day and 929 Mcf of natural gas.