Attorney General fights Summit Utilities shutoff plans in Arkansas



The Attorney General in Arkansas has asked public utility regulators to stop Summit Utilities from its plan in July to resume late fees and service shutdowns for its Arkansas customers.

Summit has an estimated 525,000 customers in Oklahoma, Arkansas and the Texarkana region of Texas.

AG Tim Griffin filed a petition with the Arkansas Public Service Commission to intervene saying Summit’s plan is “premature.”

“Today, I am filing a motion with the Public Service Commission opposing Summit’s plan to resume the charging of late fees and disconnecting gas service until the investigations are complete or until an alternative date set by the Public Service Commission based upon information gathered during the investigations,” he said in a statement. “It is too soon to reinstitute late fees and shutoffs based upon what we know at this time.”

Summit recently announced it plans to resume the nonpayment shutoffs and fees after it had suspended the practice last November.

Griffin urged the utility not to proceed.

“We continue to investigate the complaints received from Arkansans regarding Summit and provide information to the Public Service Commission to assist in their investigation.”

Summit said Friday it is abiding by Public Service Commission policy in reinstating late-fee penalties and cutting off customers for nonpayment.

Summit not only has customers in Oklahoma but also operates 17,000 miles of gas main pipeline in the state and in Arkansas and Texas.