Another STACK well recorded by Ovintiv Inc.

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Ovintiv’s latest STACK well was reported this week. The Denver company reported the Mueggenborg 17808 2h-25x was completed in October of last year with production of 500 barrels of oil a day and 3,707 Mcf of natural gas from the Mississippian formation. It was the second well drilled on the same pad.

Located four miles northwest of the city of Kingfisher at 1 16N 8W, the well had a drilled depth of 18,819 feet and a true vertical depth of 8,063 feet according to the completion report.

The well had a spud date of March 2022.

Ovintiv filed reports last month showing another well, the Mueggenborg 1708 3h-25x, was drilled on the same pad and had production of 612 barrels of oil a day and 3,539 Mcf of natural gas. Its drilled depth was 19,202 feet while the true vertical drilled depth was 8,128 feet.