Oklahoma Senators vote to overturn WOTUS

James Lankford, Markwayne Mullin win respective U.S. Senate races in Oklahoma | KOKH


Oklahoma U.S. Sens. James Lankford and Markwayne Mullin were among the 53 Senators who voted Wednesday in support of a Congressional review Act resolution to overturn the Biden administration’s Waters of the United States Rule.

The final vote was 53-43 and four Democrats voted with Republicans in favor of repealing the controversial rule that has faced opposition by Oklahoma’s congressional delegation as well as many farm groups.

Independent Sen. Krysten Sinema of Arizona, who caucuses with Democrats, voted for the measure.

What the CRA means is that it could allow Congress to overturn the executive branch rule with a simple majority in the Senate and House.

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The White House responded with a statement threatening to veto the measure and that eliminating the WOTUS rule would lead to an “uncertain, fragmented, and watered-down regulatory system.”

It would be the President’s second veto, were he to carry out the threat. Earlier in March, Biden issued his first veto—that of another CRA resolution seeking to overturn a Labor Department rule allowing the use of ESG factors to be considered by pension money managers.

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