Oklahoma Reps supported veto override but failed in the House


The Republican led House tried and failed this week to override President Biden’s first veto of an ESG investment bill, even with the support of all five Oklahoma members in the House.

Reps. Stephanie Bice, Josh Brecheen, Tom Cole, Kevin Hern and Frank Lucas joined 214 other members of the House but 200 Democrats opposed it, thus resulting a failure by the GOP of getting the necessary two-thirds majority. Final vote was 219-200 while one Democrat voted with every Republican in favor of overriding the vote made last week by Biden.

The bill in question opposed a new Biden administration rule that allows money managers to weight climate change or ESG and other environmental and social factors in making investments decisions about retirement accounts.

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Rep. Kevin Hern of Tulsa, in response to Biden’s veto, called it a woke scam that fuels inflation.

” What does he have against investing your retirement funds based on RETURNS? He’s once again caving to the radical left,” he charged in a Twitter response.

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