Keep Oklahoma Beautiful honors for Galvanic Energy


Keep Oklahoma Beautiful - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City-based Galvanic Energy, a company hoping to tap the EV battery industry with development of lithium production, was named the Vanguard Award winner by Keep Oklahoma Beautiful.

The award was given to Galvanic Energy for its focus on environmental stewardship as it works to develop domestic resources in support of American battery manufacturing required for electric vehicles and energy storage.

KOB’s Vanguard Award is presented to a person, institution, community or business for embracing cutting-edge technologies and concepts in support of a sustainable planet.

“It is a tremendous honor to receive this award, especially in light of what it represents and those who are past recipients,” stated Brent Wilson, Galvanic’s president and CEO. “To be recognized for our incorporation of environmental stewardship into how we explore and develop energy resources is truly appreciated and humbling.”

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Oklahoma City-based Galvanic Energy, featured by OK Energy Today on Nov. 2, 2022, is a geoscience-driven resource exploration company that employs innovative, proprietary discovery methods to identify natural resources essential to the U.S. renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors. Over the past couple of years the company has been developing a significant lithium project in neighboring Arkansas. Strategically located in the south-central U.S. near newly built or planned EV and battery manufacturing plants, Galvanic’s lithium prospect has the potential to power more than 50 million electric vehicles and could greatly reduce America’s reliance on foreign supply chains. 

As part of its focus on responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) operations, Galvanic has been evaluating multiple direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology providers to determine which of those processes is best suitable for developing this world-class lithium asset. The incorporation of innovative DLE technology dramatically reduces the environmental footprint of lithium sourcing as compared to current mining processes employed elsewhere.

“We have focused our operations on finding lithium resources that can be accessed with a nominal surface footprint, protecting and conserving nearby ground and surface water and maintaining air quality among other things,” said Wilson. “By using innovative solutions and maintaining stringent ESG standards and creating a sustainable domestic resource, we can significantly shorten the lithium battery supply chain and reduce the electric vehicle industry’s CO2 emissions.”

According to a recently completed inferred resource report, Galvanic currently holds mineral leases covering 120,000 acres and contains an estimated 4 million tons of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) within a lithium “hot spot” of the Smackover Formation. With test wells yielding 290-520 mg/L lithium within Galvanic’s top tier area and the entire prospect averaging 325 mg/L lithium, this prospect is one of the most concentrated lithium brine reservoirs in North America.

About Galvanic Energy

Galvanic Energy is a privately held exploration company targeting domestic resources to

advance America’s renewable energy strategy. As a founding associate member of the International Lithium Association, Galvanic Energy is committed to the highest standards of ESG responsibility. For more information, visit