Headlines of other stories

** Oregon regulators approve a ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035, but will allow plug-in hybrid sales.

** Chevron says it is considering developing a geothermal power facility at an undisclosed location in Nevada.

** Toyota boss Akio Toyoda has long said that electric cars aren’t the only way forward for the auto industry. He said a “silent majority” in the auto business agrees with him. Lots of car companies are racing to electrify their lineups. Toyota isn’t moving as quickly.

** PepsiCo plans to use state and federal subsidies to purchase 100 Tesla electric semi-trucks for its California fleet by next year.

** A climate plan approved Monday paves the way for New York to enact a “cap and invest” program similar to California’s long-established cap-and-trade system that would limit emissions and require polluters to purchase allowances to spew greenhouse gasses. It calls for electrifying nearly everything — from buildings to vehicles with a mix of mandates and incentives.

** Freeport LNG’s long-shut liquefied natural gas (LNG) export plant in Texas was on track to receive pipeline natural gas on Tuesday, according to data from Refinitiv, a possible sign the plant might return to service by the end of the year as the company has projected.



** EU energy ministers on Monday overcame months of wrangling to agree a price cap for natural gas in the bloc, drawing an immediate warning from Russia that the move was “unacceptable”.

** European natural gas prices fell Monday after EU energy ministers agreed to a price cap in an effort to shield consumers from a volatile market. The EU price cap will take hold if prices surpass recent highs of 180 euros per megawatt hour for three straight days starting February 15, and prices have to be 35 euros above a predetermined reference level for gas.

** Germany and France on Monday backed calls to subsidize Europe’s green industries in a bid to counter financial aid that the United States has put in place for American manufacturer.

** Germany rejected a claim that it plans to buy Russian oil early next year, saying that it will instead import crude oil from Kazakhstan.

** Exxon Mobil Corp., is avoiding hiring oil tankers that previously carried cargoes from Russia, putting itself in the same camp as Shell Plc with a move that pressures owners to choose whether to serve Moscow’s interests or not.

** A blast ripped through the Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhhorod gas pipeline in central Russia, killing three people and disrupting some of the limited amount of Russian gas that is still reaching Europe, local officials said on Tuesday.