December 1, 2022 archive

Dallas to ban gasoline lawnmowers? Could be

  Critics of the liberal-bent environmental leaders in California often advise Californians who are moving to Texas—don’t bring your liberal attitudes with you. But now Dallas might do what some California cities have done—ban the use of gasoline-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers. The Dallas Morning News reported that Dallas officials, citing health, noise and environmental …

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Rep. Mullin says Biden’s Chevron decision overlooks energy security

  Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin attacked President Biden’s approval for Chevron to begin oil production in Venezuela, saying the President failed to understand that American energy independence brings global stabilization. In his latest “Mullin’ It Over” column, the Republican Representative suggested the President forgot that Venezuelan President Maduro has strong ties to Russia’s Vladimir Putin …

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Enviros sue government in New Mexico over minnow

  The tiny Rio Grande silvery minnow became the focal point of a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday in New Mexico against the U.S. government. Environmental groups, led by WildEarth Guardians, accused the Bureau of Reclamation and the Fish and Wildlife Service of not doing enough to protect the minnow reported the Albuquerque Journal. Click here …

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EPA quietly increases carbon cost calculation

  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t exactly been shining the spotlight on its nearly fourfold increase in the government calculation of damages from carbon emissions. The giant agency quietly increased the calculation from $51 per metric ton to $190 per metric ton reported Just the News. Click here for Just the News emissions to …

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AARP Director in Kansas questions big spending plan of Evergy

  As AARP Oklahoma Director Sean Voskuhl blasted Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners for allowing another rate hike to Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, his counterpart in Kansas was also critical of spending plans by the utility firm, Evergy. Writing an opinion piece this week, the Kansas AARP director Glenda DuBoise raised concerns about Evergy’s $1.2 billion, five-year capital …

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Farm fight against rock quarry lands in Kansas court

  Farmers in northeast Kansas joined forces with environmental groups in fighting rock quarries they say are polluting their waterways. It led to a legal fight in Pottawatomie County reported the Kansas City Star. Click here for Kansas City Star

Headlines of other energy stories

** The U.S. Justice Department has won a federal judge’s approval to carry out a rare intervention to improve the precarious water system in Mississippi’s capital city, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Wednesday, months after the system’s partial failure.** U.S. jet fuel consumption so far in 2022 has been consistently below 2019, although airline passenger counts …

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