Grid operator says 100 degree weather in Oklahoma will be closely watched

Extreme heat results in predicted all-time high electricity usage


With 100 degree weather in Oklahoma and the rest of the nearby states part of this week’s forecast, electricity demand will be high enough that the Southwest Power Pool is closely monitoring the power demand.

On Saturday, it issued what is called a Conservative Operations Advisory for its entire 14-state Balancing Authority footprint in the eastern in connection.

The advisory will be effective at 12 p.m. Central Time on Wednesday,, July 6 with an anticipated end Friday night at 10 o’clock on July 8.

The advisory does not require the public to conserve energy, but the SPP explained the advisory was declared “due to hot temperature, high loads and wind forecast uncertainty.”

 As a result, the SPP Balancing Authority may use greater unit commitment notification timeframes, including making commitments prior to Day-Ahead Market and/or committing Resources in Reliability Status. SPP previously declared a Resource Advisory for the same period, but conditions warranted an escalation to Conservative Operations.

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SPP issues Conservative Operations Advisories when SPP feels there is a need to operate its system conservatively based on weather, environmental, operational, terrorist, cyber or other events. Generation and transmission operators have been provided instructions on applicable procedures, including to report any limitations, fuel shortages or concerns.

SPP will send additional information if necessary. Conservative Operations Advisories do not require the public across the grid’s 14-state regional transmission organization (RTO) region to conserve energy. Individuals should contact their local utility for details specific to their area.

Source: SPP press