Gas prices hit all-time high in Oklahoma


Gasoline prices in Oklahoma are rising almost faster than you can fill up your car tank.

Prices for regular gasoline reached an all-time average high of $4.54 a gallon in the state on Wednesday, according to AAA’s gas report. That’s a 5-cent-a-gallon jump in one day and 33 cents higher than a week ago.

It compares to $3.91 a month ago and $2.75 paid one year earlier by Oklahoma motorists.

Oklahoma City’s average is also $4.54 a gallon, 31-cents more than a week ago. In Tulsa, the average was $4.49 a gallon on Wednesday, also 31-cents higher than a week earlier.

The national average as of Wednesday was $4.95 a gallon, up from the $4.67 reported a week earlier.