Oil executives can expect to go before other congressional committees

Oil Executives Speak About High Gas Prices at House Hearing - The New York  Times


Democrats in Congress aren’t satisfied with the grilling they gave Devon Energy and other oil and gas industry representatives during a House hearing this week.

Now leaders of other congressional committees want to pile on the oil companies in an attempt to blame them for high prices at the gasoline pumps.

The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee wants to hear from Exon Mobil, BP and Pioneer Natural Resources. And the House Oversight Committee also wants to push ahead with its investigation of high gasoline prices as well.

POLITICO reported that Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva, who chairs the House Natural Resources apparently was satisfied with the Energy and Commerce Committee’s handling of the oil executives.

“The fossil fuel companies I invited to testify are some of the biggest oil producers on public lands—yet they claimed they needed even more public lands and waters for drilling if they were going to help lower gas prices,” he added in a statement to ME. “They turned down the opportunity to make their case to our Committee, so we can move forward with the assumption that those claims are as absurd as they sound.”