Lucas blames Democratic leadership for slow movement on bill creation

Veteran Congressman Frank Lucas offers advice to new 1st District  representative | Local News |
Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas criticized the delay by Democratic leaders in finally starting the process of a conference committee on U.S. competitive legislation aimed at China.
“It’s been nine months since the House passed the Science Committee’s bipartisan competitiveness bills and almost five months since the Speaker and Leader Schumer announced we would go to a conference. Their postponement was unnecessary and unproductive but I’m glad we are finally taking this step,” said Lucas who also pointed out that China was not sitting around idly during the delay.
He is the Ranking member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee and was one of five Republican conferees named by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to take part in talks with Democrats to pass legislation to keep the U.S. globally competitive.
Lucas asserted that the Democratic leadership should have reacted much faster.
“The already difficult process to reconcile these bills has been compounded by the Speaker’s decision to draft the partisan House COMPETES package filled with poison pills. Now that conferees have been named, however, the House and Senate can get to work on the policies needed to advance American technological development.”
Other Republicans joining Lucas as conferees are:
  • Energy Subcommittee Ranking Member Randy Weber (R-TX)
  • Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee Ranking Member Brian Babin (R-TX)
  • Representative Michael Waltz (R-FL)
  • Representative Mike Garcia (R-CA)
  • Representative Young Kim (R-CA), representing the House Foreign Affairs Committee
“The final legislation should have a comprehensive, strategic, and sustainable investment in America’s research agencies, as opposed to a one-time infusion of cash. It must be focused on economic growth, transformative basic research, and improving technology transfer to the private sector,” added Rep. Lucas.
“Finally, we must ensure we are protecting our investments by putting in place stronger barriers to prevent theft by the Chinese Communist Party. I’m hopeful we can find a consensus path forward to these priorities.”
Leader McCarthy emphasized the urgent need for this legislation. “Countering the Chinese Communist threat is the single most pressing issue we can undertake in this Congress,” McCarthy said. “We cannot continue to choose inaction or a weak approach if we want to secure a revitalization of our domestic manufacturing and bring those jobs back to the United States.”