Cole says Biden’s budget will hurt US energy production

How To Bounce Back From A Busted Budget


Congressman Tom Cole describes President Biden’s proposed national budget as “busted” and in his attack, accused the President of wanting to push the country further away from energy independence.

It’s what he charged in his weekly column to constituents, saying Biden is proposing more anti-American energy policies. The Republican Representative said gasoline prices are at their highest level ever after the President shut down the North American Keystone XL pipeline and prevented energy leasing on federal lands and waters.

“During the Trump Administration, America produced more at home and bought more from our allies and neighbors such as Canada. Now, as revealed in his budget, President Biden wants to increase this burden by adding $45 billion in new taxes on domestic energy production,” wrote Rep. Cole.

He went on to argue that the President delivered yet another busted budget that will continue to “bankrupt our nation” and make inflation worse.

Cole said it will also leave the U.S. with a weak national defense and “keep us at the mercy of tyrants and state sponsors of terrorism for our energy needs.”

A year after Rep. Cole called Biden’s 2021 budget “outrageous,” he said, “it did not work then, and it will not work now.”