Rep Cole—Wake up America!

Cole talks good, bad, ugly in Washington | News |


In another critical response to President Biden’s handling of the impact of Russia’s war with Ukraine, Oklahoma congressman Tom Cole is urging the President to reverse his anti-American energy policies. He says America is asleep at the wheel over the Russian invasion of the European country.

The Republican Representative said Biden has the ability to immediately address the rising price of oil by reversing those policies and allowing American companies to increase domestic oil and gas production.

” Not only is such a move helpful to protecting and strengthening our economy, but it protects our national security and lessens our reliance on adversarial foreign producers. Producing more oil and natural gas at home could also aid our friends and allies around the world as a friendly exporter,” stated Cole in a statement issued prior to Biden’s State of the Union address.

Rep. Cole also accused Biden of putting funding and development of the nation’s national defense on the backburner during such a perilous time.

“We should do everything in our power to punish Putin and his criminal and repressive regime for the egregious act of aggression against an innocent neighbor. If he succeeds today, we will face further aggression from him and other likeminded countries tomorrow.”