BLM officers return to D-C

Only 41 BLM Employees Moved West With Their Jobs. Nearly 300 Left The  Bureau Instead | Colorado Public Radio


POLITICO reports that senior leaders of the Bureau of Land Management, those moved to Grand Junction, Colorado when the Trump administration relocated headquarters there are returning to Washington, D.C. with the Biden administration in charge of things.

An internal agency email obtained by POLITICO indicated that most assistant directors, deputy assistant directors, the director and deputy director for law enforcement were joining BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning at the Stewart Lee Udall Main Department of the Interior Building in Washington.

The email was written by Stone-Manning according to the report. POLITICO reported nearly 100 positions are scheduled to return to D.C. following the 2019 move from the nation’s capitol to western Colorado.

Despite the move, the Grand Junction office will remain open with 36 jobs remaining there including the assistant director and deputy assistant director for national conservation lands.