New oil drilling in the STACK

More Ovintiv drilling in Oklahoma's STACK – Oklahoma Energy Today


More oil and gas exploration is coming in Oklahoma’s STACK play as shown by some recent drilling permits approved by state regulators.

Continental Resources plans three more Blaine County wells including two on a single pad and a third nearby.

The TRES C FIU #2-35-2XHM and the TRES C FEDERAL #3-35-2XHM wells will be located at 35 15N 13W, a site next to Bureau of Indian Affairs land about 9 miles southwest of Watonga. The permits, 01124278 and 01124279 indicate the two wells will be drilled on the same pad.

Continental’s third permit is for the RANDOLPH #3-34-27XHM to be located at 34 15N 13W which is in an adjacent section to the first two wells.

Two other STACK plays are planned in Canadian County.Red Bluff Resources Operating LLC received permit 01725711 to drill the WALLACE 1306 #1-12MH at 13 13N 6W, a site about 4 miles southwest of Piedmont and south of Northwest Expressway. The well is to have a planned depth of 14,908 feet in the Mississippian.

Devon Energy received a 01723215 to recomplete the LITTLE #2-2, at 02 12N 10W, a site about one mile east of the Cherokee Trading Post along I-40 southeast of Geary.

A Kingfisher County well will be drilled by Ovintiv USA Inc. at 18 17N 9W, a site about 9 miles east of Hitchcock. The amended permit is for the ROSIA 1709 #2H-18X.

Edmond-based SEC Production Inc. received a permit to drill the  HAMPTON #4 in Cimarron County at 35 2N 93, a site several miles northwest of Texoma and just north of the State line.

A Harper County well will be drilled by Tex-OK Energy LP, a firm based in Cody, Wyoming. The  STU #1  will be located at 33 29N 22W, a site several miles north.  of Buffalo. The permit shows the well will be drilled at a depth of 7,550 feet.