More drilling in Oklahoma

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The latest permits to drill in Oklahoma indicate there’ll be more rigs set up in Grady, Hughes and Roger Mills Counties.

Continental Resources Inc. will continue its drilling in Grady County with two wells,  SILVER STRATTON #4-6-31-30XHW, and the SILVER STRATTON #3-6-31-30XHW on a single pad at 04 4N 5W, a site about 3 miles due south of the town of Alex. They’ll be deep wells, 25,838 feet for one and 27,813 feet for the other.

Citizen Energy III LLC will also be drilling in Grady County with two wells on a single pad at 12 8N 6W, a site a few miles northeast of Amber and west of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike. It will be the location for the BRUSHY LAKE #1H-13-24 and BRUSHY LAKE #2H-13-24 wells, both at a drilling depth of 21,500 feet.

Still another Grady County well will be drilled by Camino Natural Resources LLC. The JOHN KEELING 0607 #23-14-1MXHR

will be drilled at 23 6N 7W, a site a few miles northeast of the town of Ninnekah. Drilling depth, according to the permit to drill will be 24,945 feet.

Hughes County will be the site of a Silver Creek Oil & Gas LLC well. The FERRET 17/20/29 #4H, located at 17 5N 9E is a few miles northeast of the town of Allen and its drilled depth is to be 14,000 feet.

A Roger Mills County permit to drill was issued to JMA Energy Company LLC to recomplete the DOVELL #1-31, at 31 12N 23W and north of Elk City.