Congressional hearings focus on energy this week

U.S. Capitol building, Washington, D.C. | Library of Congress


What’s happening with energy issues in Congress this week? POLITICO had a rundown of committee hearings and what Representatives and Senators are handling.

Ransomware and cybersecurity will get attention from both the House and Senate, with the House Energy and Commerce Oversight Subcommittee meeting Tuesday to discuss the rise in ransomware, and the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee meeting Wednesday to go into cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure. The House subcommittee will hear from cybersecurity industry and academic experts, while the Senate committee will have testimony from authorities on public works and infrastructure.

Lawmakers will also examine some of the Biden administration’s key environmental priorities this week. A House Natural Resources subcommittee is meeting Tuesday to discuss the creation of a Civilian Climate Corps. Two committees will be diving into environmental justice issues, with the House Oversight Committee discussing Wednesday how the American Jobs Plan addresses EJ concerns and a Senate Environment and Public Works subpanel meeting Thursday on issues adversely impacting EJ communities.

House Ways and Means subpanel is having a hearing Wednesday on how to address forced labor in supply chains — a major concern amid the shift to renewable and electric alternatives amid allegations of forced labor used to produce critical minerals and vital solar components abroad.

In the climate space, a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee is meeting Wednesday to discuss climate change in the Asia-Pacific region. The House Science Committee will discuss Wednesday the impact of increased extreme heat on the country, and the Senate Banking Committee will meet Tuesday to discuss climate change and resilience.

Source: POLITICO’s Morning Energy Report