Oklahoma Reps voice support for NORD Stream 2 sanctions

France shares Ukraine's concerns about Nord Stream 2 – minister


All five Oklahomans in the U.S. House were among more than 60 Republican Representatives who sent a letter to President Biden this week expressing their concern over his move to waive sanctions and allow Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be finished.

Representatives Stephanie Bice, Tom Cole, Kevin Hern, Frank Lucas and Markwayne Mullin signed the letter that asks the president to reconsider the waiver and continue with congressionally mandated sanctions on the project.


“The completion of Nord Stream 2, which was slowed during the Trump Administration, will be a gift to Putin and his efforts to increase geopolitical influence in Europe,” the lawmakers wrote.

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The 62 Representatives said the decision to waive the sanctions is the “wrong message to our allies and partners” and undermines the credibility of the U.S.

“This action, which will send more Russian natural gas to Europe, also puts U.S. resources at a distinct competitive disadvantage, costing American jobs and reducing America’s geopolitical influence.”