More pipeline projects are in the works despite Biden’s opposition

The Year Ends With a Flurry of Pipeline Construction in the US | Pipeline  Technology Journal


President Biden might have stopped the Keystone XL pipeline and environmentalists continued to fight other pipeline projects, but more lines are operational and others are on the way in the U.S.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that 2 petroleum liquids pipeline projects have been completed so far in 2021 and 17 more have been announced or are currently under construction.

The EIA’s Liquids Pipeline Projects Database shows 12 crude oil projects, 6 hydrocarbon gas liquids projects and 1 petroleum product project.

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Of the 19 projects, 10 projects are new pipelines, 7 projects are expansions or extensions of existing systems, and 2 projects are conversions of the commodity carried on the pipeline reported the EIA.

In 2020, 24 petroleum liquids pipeline projects were completed. That total includes 11 crude oil projects, 12 HGL projects, and 1 petroleum product project. Of the 24 projects, 11 projects were new pipelines, 11 projects were expansions of existing systems, 1 project was a conversion of the commodity carried on the pipeline, and 1 project was a combination of new and existing pipelines.

The EIA’s Liquids Pipeline Projects Database documents more than 250 current, future, and past liquids pipeline projects in the United States. These pipelines carry crude oil, HGLs, and petroleum products—which include gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other refinery products.

This database includes projects that date back to 2010.